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May 2013:
Down in Edinburgh for my (future) sister-in-law's wedding, and it was a lovely day. Unfortunately just not weather wise! I got some really great shots throughout the day - Unfortunately though, I've agreed not to post any just yet, so cannot share any on my website as per the couples wishes.
Using the Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f2.8 VR11 was a joy ! Except for the weight.. by the end of the day I could feel it in my wrists, but apart from that, what a lens !!  I've got to get one!!

April 2013:
It's been pretty quiet recently, especially on the real estate front. Although the listings are starting to come through now, with two properties shot in the last week. A couple of new photo's are in the gallery too.
I am hugely enjoying the Nikon D800 and although the file sizes can be a little of a handful now and again, I'm managing to cope ! ;-). The benefits of the detail that is available in the shots and the dynamic range that can be accessed make editing both time-consuming and rewarding at the same time.
I'm renting a Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f2.8 VR11 lens this coming week, and I'm going to be using it to shoot a friends small and private wedding next weekend. Can't wait, although I'm sure it's just going to make me want to buy one of these lenses even more !!!

February 2013:
Since the New Year, January was pretty quiet, and with the weather being uncooperative, not much photography was possible.
In February and March however things picked up. I was asked to photograph some some car dealerships for a local business that operates here in Aberdeen, and also in Dundee. These photographs were for the dealerships to use in their annual reviews with the manufacturers, and involved me providing images of the premises both external and internal, the work spaces, offices, and also key personnel. This was very enjoyable and challenging, my experience in interiors and homes being very useful, when thinking of shooting the big space and areas of a car dealership. Doing the portraits of the staff at each location was great fun, and although I kept the photographs simple (as was requested) it was good to work with different people, setting my lights and firing off some rapid corporate head-shots.
I am hopeful that I will be asked again to provide a similar service to this dealers network in the future as well, as it was insightful, and challenging work.

Also in February, I was fortunate to be able to take some new portrait/fashion shots while on a trip abroad. This was very exciting and enjoyable, and a real challenge. As the light was so good, I opted to work outside and with minimum of equipment, so just the camera, a reflector and some costume changes.
I think that the shoot went very well, and our first time model, Sanaz, definitely enjoyed the day, as did I. A special mention must go to my partner, Toktam, who was responsible for the make-up and hair styling! Both the girls did a super job, putting up with my directions, and getting some great shots, but also having a fun time with it as well!
A few of the images from this shoot can be seen in the portraits gallery, referenced SB.

December 2012:
I have been a little more productive this month and from the end of November. I got some nice new landscape and long-exposure photos which I have uploaded to the galleries.

The BIG NEWS however is that I was lucky enough to receive a call from a large hotel here in Aberdeen (part of a large chain too) who were interested in taking a few of my prints to hang in a lounge at their property that was being refurbished ahead of the 2013 !!
So after some negotiation and consideration on image choice and style....:
I'm very please to report that no less than 5 of my black and white, local landscape photographs were chosen to be framed and hung in this new lounge area ! The hotel in question is the Aberdeen Marriott, located at Dyce.
This is great exposure and I'm hopeful that I can capitalise on this success and perhaps use this to gain more sales with the chain and other premises both local and further afield.

November 2012:
Seeing as it's mostly been 'bleh' weather here I've not been out too much. Hoping for better soon!

October 2012:
Here's a link to an article on the HOUZZ website which featured one of my Interior photographs !
Please click the title below to be re-directed, my photo is the third one down in the article.

7 Stylish Takes on Tartan

HouzzKitchen RemodelBathroom Remodel and More »

August 2012:
Back to photography....
I photographed an amazing house this past week for the owners. Out near Huntly, it was just beautiful, both in setting and style. The complete renovation work that has been done by the owners has turned what was a tired building into a truly lovely house and home. Period features and considered decoration combined to make a very unique and comfortable home.
Please see real estate portfolio pictures 43 to 47 for a small look at this great property.
I have to also say how fantastically friendly and hospitable the owners were, and they made the job of photographing their property a very pleasant one indeed, and very satisfying.

July - August 2012:
Another quite productive few weeks here! I've been out with camera a lot, getting some personal images...FUN!

A bit of a rant now I'm afraid; I've been contacting most of the solicitors and interior designers around the Aberdeen area to see if they are interested in having some higher quality photography for their clients and/or portfolios, but surprisingly (or perhaps not) I have had very little feedback or responses even. I realise this is a personal opinion, but some of the images shown on websites for these types of businesses locally are very poor indeed. If they are supposed to be 'showcasing' the companies work then they are definitely not doing so to the true potential, which is sad. However, people seem uninterested or unwilling to change that. Which is odd. It is perhaps a slightly 'Aberdeen' thing that some types of businesses here have it quite easy in that there is a pretty high wealth level in and around the city and perhaps they have not actually had to work all that hard to get customers through the door, and so feel it is not necessary to take that extra bit of care or attention over images that are projecting their work. Either way it is disappointing when you take the time and effort to get in touch with people ('professionals') to try and benefit them as well as yourself, and then they do not even have courtesy (manners) to respond !!
Rant over.

May - June 2012:
I have been quite busy this last few weeks with more real estate photography, which I am happy to report I am still enjoying immensely. I've added a handful of new photo's to the gallery as well.. So please have a look if you are browsing.
You may have also noticed the green 'Houzz' button on my Home screen. this is a link to my profile page on the 'Houzz' website. This website came to my attention recently and is a fantastic resource for any aspect of house design or decoration, both for owners and other professionals. It is supremely addictive, and I love spending time just flicking through the huge number of images and articles to do with design, style, and modelling of home spaces, as there are some truly stunning ideas there. It pains me to say it as well, but it's obvious that the design of houses and living space is much more advanced in style and 'wow' factor across in the USA... Check it out!

April 2012:
Not very much to report in here unfortunately.
I've been carrying on with the Property photography though, and that is continuing to go well. My skills are improving and the quality of my work in becoming even better. Practicing new techniques and learning lessons from other established pro's is helping a lot too. I'm looking forward to my next few homes!
I've also been playing with some portrait shots...took a few of my lovely girlfriend, but alas they won't be uploaded to the website I don't think! Good practice and let me try out some new lighting gear I got. I was very happy with the results and produced some really great looking shots for her.

March 2012:
18/3/2012 - 4 new photos just uploaded into the 'Long Exposure' Gallery. I was out for a couple of hours yesterday at Newburgh, just north of Aberdeen. It was a beautiful day to walk around the beach and sand dunes, and I was able to photograph a couple of interesting details and views. There were lots and lots of seals also present at the waters edge, but alas, I had not brought my long telephoto lens with me, so was not able to get close enough to them safely to get some pictures - next time !
The property photography is also going well, and I have done several properties now with some more upcoming over the next few weeks.

February 2012:
Property Photography (by that I mean Exterior and Interior photography of Residential and Commercial properties) is something I've been practicing my skills at and I'm very happy to say that I have recently been commissioned by a top estate agency. Assisting with their property sales and lettings business by providing them with photography services throughout the North-East of Scotland. So far it is going well, and I'm very much enjoying the challenge and am particularly enjoying the opportunity to visit different locations.

January 2012:
Well, a couple of pretty quiet months passed by over the festive and new year season.
I've had a chance to get out with the camera recently and I'm hoping to have some new content uploaded soon.

November 2011:
I've been out with my camera... Yay !!
In between the weather not co-operating, and then suddenly deciding to be nice I've dashed out a few times and taken some pics. I'm trying my hand at a bit of 'Street' style photography currently, as it's an area of the art that intrigues me. Taking pictures of random strangers 'mid-life' is a bit unnerving still, so I'm concentrating more on interesting details and views while I'm out an about. Some new uploads on the site as well.

August/September 2011:
These two months have been quite quiet for me from a photography point-of-view. I have however managed to do some new floral and macro photography which I will hopefully get around to processing soon, and then adding a few images to the site.

June/July 2011:
After a quiet couple of months I have just returned from a weekend visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
This was my fourth visit to this one of a kind event, and yet again, it did not disappoint.
The weather was just glorious and the cars and bikes on display and in action on the hill-climb were just as amazing a collection as before. Unfortunately I was not in a position to get track-side access, but believe that I have gotten some good results regardless.
As I have taken quite a few pictures I will endeavour to sort through them as soon a possible and will be posting the best of them to my gallery section, under a specific title.

April 2011:
Unfortunately another rather quiet month, but at least the weather is getting better.
However, I did get out to see some of the Granite City Rally on Saturday 16th, and managed to take quite a few shots from a couple of locations on the stages. I have just uploaded some of them to the site so they are available to view now.
I do enjoy this type of photography, but living in the North East there are not many events or locations nearby for motorsport activities which is a real shame, but I am visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed at the start of July and hope to come back with some great images from there.

February 2011:
The weather in Aberdeenshire has been pretty grim these last few weeks, and I've not been able to get out and about as much as I'd have liked. Unfortunately most of the rest of the time the weather has been good, I've been watching from behind my desk at work! Still, I've been attempting some indoor based photography, and hope to have some new additions in the galleries soon.

January 2011:
The Running Shop Winter X Country Series.
Recently I was asked by Runners World Magazine to photograph an event being held at Haddo House, north of Aberdeen. Photographing runners in the scenic setting of Haddo House was a challenge, and not something that I have done specifically before, but was enjoyable none-the-less.
I decided not to put the images from that day up on the website because there were so many individuals featured, from a privacy point of view, I elected to just respond to requests for images from participants directly.