Hi everyone,

I've been pretty busy with lots of things recently, so not too much time to just go shoot... but, I have been out a few times and at least visited some beautiful locations in the lovely weather we've been having here lately!

It's certainly true that the North East of Scotland has some of the most gorgeous scenery and places to visit, and when the weather is great as well.. it's fabulous! I think it's easy to forget when you live around any area day to day, you can tend to stop seeing things for how they really look. I spent a long afternoon down at Glen Esk and Loch Lee, near Edzell, last week on a baking hot summer day which wasn't so great for imagery, but was fantastic to be outside in (with proper sun protection!).

Another evening I visited the RSPB nature reserve, down by Stonehaven, which was interesting.. I've never done that much nature photography, but it was amazing to see thousands of seabirds, including Puffins (which are really cool) & Razorbills, with other animals like seals, at the cliffside. Apparently dolphins are regularly seen there too, but unfortunately I wasn't able to spot any this time. 

On a work note, I've been lucky enough to be asked to provide some new commissioned work for a prominent hotel chain that I've worked with before. I will be providing more artwork for display in their property, and I'm sure it will again lead to some more connections and further work!

Have a good day !