Why choose a Professional Photographer to help Sell your Home ?

Deciding to sell your home and move is a big decision. Whether it's an apartment, a bungalow, terraced house, or a full scale mansion it's very important that you show your property in the best way possible to potential buyers.

With the prevalence of online marketing theses days, where over 90% of prospective home buyers use the internet to search for properties, and the sheer number of websites and resources offering listings it is more important than ever to do all you can to maximise the impact of 'your' listing and grab peoples attention.

In the past 5 years Real Estate related searches on Google have grown well over 250% with more and more people using mobile devices to check listings and view adverts while on the go, or at work, and not just when sitting in front of a desktop computer at home.

So, with all these people searching the internet for property, what difference would professional quality photos make ?


Studies on markets from Europe and the US have shown that listings that utilise professional photography on average can receive >130% more 'clicks' than similar listings with ordinary snapshot photography. Now, although these extra 'clicks' and views do not guarantee a sale, it does mean that more potential buyers are viewing your listing, and obviously the more people viewing the better the chance you have of one (or more) of them being a potential buyer.

Does professional photography add value to my home ?


In a coordinated survey of the US housing market in 2010-2011 a real estate agency called Redfin surveyed different areas housing markets and discovered that listings that featured professionally taken photographs sold for higher prices than other listings. On the low end of the market, which was houses up to an equivalent of around £215,000, these listings sold for an average £700 - £1000 more.

At the higher end of the market, on houses marketed over £650,000 the increase in price received at sale was an average of almost £80,000 !

On the larger range of properties in the middle bracket the average increase in sale price from using professional photographers was found to be between £3,000 and £12,000 ! So as you can see, even on listings with lower price points the financial benefits can far outweigh the cost of hiring a professional photographer.

What are the things that make a professional real estate photographer ?

A professional property/real estate photographer is not simply someone who has a DSLR camera and a wide angle lens - anyone can make a snapshot with any type of camera. The difference comes from the person knowing how to use the camera and other equipment properly to get the best results.

This means things like:

drawing room-nhastie-photography
  1. How to judge ISO, shutter speed and aperture, depending on the conditions, to give the best exposure;
  2. How to balance ambient light and combine it with additional lighting if needed; 
  3. Knowing how to best use that wide-angle lens so as not to introduce perspective problems, distortion and diffraction into the pictures, and how to fix these if they occur;
  4. To take the time to really look at the space and to take an image that showcases each room, even if they are empty;

  5. To be to able to edit and process the image files consistently and provide the most realistic results to show the property accurately and in the best manner.

So, whether you are an agent or the seller, the benefits of choosing a professional real estate photographer should be clear. The 'home' is a big investment and it should be marketed to the best level possible. As an agent using professional photography, you are solidifying your marketing and showing the seller you mean business; and as a client this is surely something that you should be insisting upon.

Thanks for reading.