Aberdeen School property shoot..


During last couple of weeks, I was commissioned by one of my clients to visit 'The Albyn School', in Aberdeen, where they asked me to photograph and document a newly completed extension and some internal spaces which have been recently renovated also.

The newly completed section is a new science and engineering workshop for the students, and was added onto an existing structure towards the rear of the school. A BTS shot of the extension was previously posted but is reproduced below:

Newly completed extension block 

The landscaped areas to the left of the shot, were only just planted when I was on-site, so had not yet had a chance to grow, but I'm sure they will be green in no time here.

Here is another image, showing part of the interior space of the new block.

Engineering space.

Working inside, I pulled out a couple of my portable strobe lights, to assist in lighting the spaces, and to lift the ambient light levels while still retaining some view from the windows. Fortunately the ceilings and walls were finished in a nice off-white colour that bounced the light nicely, and allowed me to soften the shadows and fill in the dark areas.

This space completed, I moved across the school to the old 'atrium' area, which has been filled in with new floor levels. One of the spaces that I was photographing here was the new 6th Year common room - a study space for the senior pupils, where desks and cubicles were arranged to provide a social, but quiet space for students utilising free periods.

6th Yr Common room BTS.

As you can see in the iPhone image above, the space is divided up by coloured sections, each containing a small desk area for some privacy. This created a nice space, brightly lit by the sky-light overhead, where students can find some time to study or research work away from the classrooms.

One of my light-stands, complete with bounce umbrella, can be seen in the image as well - I had a couple set-up in this room and the others, along with a free-standing strobe adding a little fill in some shots. The portability and size of these small flashes was perfect for the sizes of rooms I was shooting here. The other spaces being photographed were a library room, and also a media/theatre room.

Some of the finished images will be uploaded soon to the main galleries.

Thanks, N.