Recent commercial property project.

In the last few days, I have just completed another architectural shoot at a commercial property on behalf of one of my regular clients.

Reception area

It is another new office building development near the River Dee in Aberdeen city which has recently completed its first phase, with a second, larger phase, planned but not yet underway.

As some of the building is already occupied by the main tenant company, I had to be careful to not overtly show their branding or logo's in the shoot (as it was for different company). With this in mind and the location of the property being quite tightly fitted in between other structures, and fronted by a busy dual-carriageway the shoot was restricted to only a handful of interior shots, and some exterior images showing the frontage.

The building is largely glass fronted and this presents certain difficulties with photographing on a nice sunny day, depending on where the sun is overhead. Time of day was then chosen carefully before I attended, and providing the weather was as forecast, I thought I should have good light on the building, but not direct sunshine, and therefore avoid glaring reflections when taking the photographs. Unfortunately, this time of day was also when the traffic build-up was heaviest on the road outside, so getting 'traffic free' photo's was tricky to say the least - the last thing I wanted was a huge truck & trailer taking up the foreground as they sped by!

The interiors shots were done in the public areas and the spaces that were unoccupied by tenants currently. As the layouts of the floors is mostly identical, it is still possible to show the character of the spaces and the general feel of the building.

Now that we are moving into summer and the weather seems to have finally turned for the better (don't want to jinx it!) there will be more of these types of shoots to come in the following weeks, which is great news.