Down at the beach..

Thought I'd share a couple of pics from a recent trip down the north-east coast here to St Cyrus, near Montrose.

Deep in thought..

Deep in thought..

The beach here at the nature reserve at St Cyrus is really amazing... long, slightly curving, and covered in lovely soft sand, with small dunes, and cliffs overlooking at one end, and an estuary at the other - It's a lovely spot for a walk.

I was there a couple of weekends ago with my partner, and we enjoyed a long walk along the full length of the sands, down to the rocks and cliffs at the northern end, where I set up to take a few pictures while she relaxed !

The image below shows me (obviously), fiddling about with composition and then focus, and then settings, and then ND filters and exposure timing charts, after I'd been forced to move twice by the incoming tide, which seemed to be intent on covering whichever bit of sand I was placing my tri-pod on. After rescuing it from sinking a couple of times, I opted for a another stance onto of some rocks suitably back from the water, to give me more time !

Me... setting things up !

It was a lovely, day with some warm sun, but a definite breeze at times, which just cooled things a bit, but did help the clouds gain some movement across the sky. However, it did remind me that I need to bring a hook or carabiner with me in future, like I used to, so I can add some ballast to my tri-pod, to aid with stability!

It was a lovely afternoon, and it's a really great place to visit if you're in the mood for some outdoors time, easy to get to and suitable for all - just wear good shoes and be prepared to shake sand out of everything later on!

That raises another point, about sand, salty water, and electronics... not a good mix... IMPORTANT! Be careful with anything camera-like, or 'techy' that you take with you to the beach !!

My gear might be weather/dust/water sealed but plenty of regular consumer cameras, lenses, and bits & bobs are not - and even then I'm super careful to keep sand and other stuff away from and off of my gear. Be especially careful when changing lenses on an SLR or other changeable lens camera, if you are somewhere sandy or dusty, as it will find a way inside your camera. I always carry a lens brush and an air blower alongside my cloths and towel in the bag, which help to keep contaminants away and clean up lenses and the camera body itself. 

Happy hiking!