July 2017 re-cap...


Nearing the end of July now (already!) and still hoping for some more good summer weather!

So, what's been happening....

Well, since the Gallery show of my landscape photography was a successful few days, I have been dealing with some orders and print requests from new customers, which has been most enjoyable.

Also, there's been a bit of residential photography, there's also been some drone flying (wind permitting!), some landscape photography and also some commercial projects!

I was commissioned by a new commercial client to photograph a large manse-type property north of Aberdeen, which is mainly used for weddings and short holiday lets. The owners have modernised the interiors of the building with bright, colourful furniture and decor, which mixes with the traditional features and feeling of the building itself. The interior was bright, fresh and a blend of contemporary and traditional.

Here are a couple of examples from the shoot:

Unfortunately, the weather was not particularly great on the day, and while this did not affect the interior images being completed, I was unable to spend the time I'd hoped for outdoors working on the external images. I had to work quickly and under cover of umbrellas to take the exterior shots, while trying to keep the equipment as dry as possible in the rain that was falling. (Thank goodness for weather-sealed gear!)

If you, your organisation, or someone you know has a property, or a refurbished/renovated property and would like professional photography to showcase the work and the look either for commercial or personal reasons, then get in touch with me and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements!

Also, I have been outdoors trying to get some new landscape images.

I've been heading out in the evenings, as a lot of times recently the weather has been improving later in the day, and offering some nice light later on. With sunset still around 9.40pm at the moment this is great for being able to go out in the evening and walk to locations without a huge rush.

However, this still did not stop me from forgetting a couple of things the last time I went out!! Always double check your gear before you leave the house ! Aaaarrghhh!!! Rookie mistake!! 

....I had removed my memory cards from the camera, to download the images from all of them, then to re-format them, and had them back in their secure holder... which was not in the bag I opted to take with me! So, after 5 minutes of being rather angry at myself on the beach, I stopped, calmed down, and thought 'ah well, never-mind' - Then I had an idea.. my Mavic (which I had carried with me for some reason to the beach - even though I kind of knew it was too windy to fly!!) has a Micro SD card..and its bag has 2 more spare cards, but these are the wrong size for the camera ! BUT !! I always carry an Micro SD to SD adapter in a pouch on the bag!! I was SAVED..  popped a spare Micro SD into the adapter, into the camera,  re-format ...and Bingo.. 1 x working camera ! and not a written off trip! Phew!

Motto.. always double check that you have what you think you have !

In the end it was ok, and the sunset arrived beautifully, in golden hour, and lots of pictures were taken; shoes were filled with sand; many dunes were climbed and slipped down; and it was good !

Again, the commercial projects shot recently are embargoed at the moment, so am unable to share, but all good stuff none-the-less! 

Thanks for reading,