February '17 review..


So, I've been a bit behind with the blog this month, apologies!

With the injury to my leg slowly getting better, my mobility has been coming back bit by bit. this has allowed me to get out with the camera a few times, both for work projects and also for a couple of short landscape photography trips.

Since the last blog, I've been in Glasgow for a project, and also around Aberdeen for another couple. The Glasgow trip unfortunately is embargoed, as is one of the Aberdeen projects worked on recently.

One project I can mention was photographing the new Hampton for Hilton Hotel at Dyce by Aberdeen Airport. The client in this case needed completion images of the new property for their marketing materials. Although the interior was not completely fitted out at this point with all the furniture and equipment, because the work by my client was completed it was the best time to shoot for their requirements.

A couple of images from this project:

Another project recently carried out was at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary - where I was to photograph another completed level on the main building showing the work carried out and the final finish provided by my client.

Some images below:

I was also able to visit the coast nearby a few times, and one trip I took was up to Cullen and Portknockie to see the Bow Fiddle Rock. Luckily my pre-planning paid off and the weather was great that day, and set-up for a lovely sunset. 

Making our way up to the north coast above Banff, my wife and I (she was doubling up as leg-support and a watchful eye!) arrived around 40 mins before sunset, just as the light was turning, and some lovely colour was starting to hit the sky and clouds. We made our way down to the beach area, and I carefully picked my way down the slope and across the rocks to find a composition that worked. We were not alone, and bumped into another gentleman there to shoot the same sky and rocks as us, so some nice conversation and technique swapping ensued, before we started focussing on the job at hand!

I set up with my L-bracket mounted to the camera, with my wide-angle lens fitted and then selected which of my filters and polariser to mount. The light continued to improve, but the clouds scattered a bit which meant that a lot of the extra light from the setting sun was not as visible in our direction (shame).

However, after an hour or so, and about 7-8 exposures, I was happy with what I had taken. I had a mix of long-exposure and normal shots, trying to maximise the colour in the sky, and also a couple which I took thinking they would work as black and white conversions. They should be up on the site soon!

Here's one example shot from that day:

More to come soon..

Thanks for reading.