New Gear..

So, finally I have picked up a new Formatt Hitech ND (Neutral Density) filter to further extend my long exposure photography capabilities. After much thought, I decided to go with the circular screw-in type filter rather than the square type, in the 16 Stop strength with their new Firecrest coating.

This allows me to use my existing B+W circular ND filters for 3 Stop and 10 Stop images (or together), but should I want to have an even longer exposure time, then the 16 Stop can be used without any need for stacking of filters, thus removing the chances of vignetting, or light leaks, appearing on the image.

In addition I am also looking at getting a new set of square filters from Formatt Hitech sometime soon, to replace my existing square filter ND Grad's, which I use more for my landscape photography. They have a couple of great sets, designed by renowned landscape photographers, which include a small selection of the most useful strengths of ND and ND Grad filters. The increase in image quality, clarity and lack of colour casting because of the top quality production methods used by Formatt Hitech make the benefits easy to spot when compared with cheaper sets available.

I hope to be out soon, making some exciting new images with my new filter, and will post the results!

Have a good day!