Getting outdoors..

Hi there,

I hope everyone has been having a good August...

With the weather here having been pretty good recently.. (except for the odd deluge of rain!) I've been attempting to get out with one of my cameras more often, and take some more landscape style images and personal stuff to make a change from the commercial imagery.

From walking in the woods and forests around Aberdeen, and exploring trails and hillsides around Royal Deeside, I've been out trying to 'get creative' again !

So, I've uploaded a few new images to my websites 'Fine Art' section, but thought I'd do a short blog post and BTS, showing a couple as well.

Beside Gairnsheil Lodge in Glen Gairn.

The image above is where I was setting up for some shots at the old stone bridge in Glen Gairn, above Ballater in Deeside. Normally I'm riding over this bridge on my motorbike, but today we took the car, stopped, and had a walk around, even taking a stroll up the path behind the bridge and through the beautiful purple heather.

Above is my Nikon, balanced on the tripod, with cable release attached.. (I think i was rooting around in my bag for my filters at the time!) before I set-up and composed the shot I wanted. The sun being out took me by surprise as it was quite a bit cloudier earlier on, and it ended up being a lot brighter than I'd anticipated, and hence had to end up using some ND grad filters as well as others.

We stopped here for a bit of a snack at the river bank, and then headed off over the hill further out Deeside to some other locations. One or two pictures to follow into the gallery soon I hope!

I've also been working on a small new 'project' of sorts, to add into my 'Abstract' gallery section - I have been studying the trees in various woods and forests that I have been walking in recently, and have been finding patterns and details in their form and organisation - I have been standing still, examining the views and feelings in forests, when you let yourself become part of the scene in front of you and lose yourself for a moment.

I suppose I was reminded of the old saying that says something about 'Not seeing the trees for the forest'. So, I've been trying to see the trees...and not just the whole forest.

There is a feeling for me of both stillness and movement in these places, and the sense of time becoming less noticeable. I thoroughly recommend it!

More to follow soon,

Thanks, N.