It's a New Year... 2017 1st post!

Hi there,

First off, let me start by saying I hope everyone had a lovely time over the Christmas period, and that you all enjoyed your Hogmanay / New Year, and best wishes for 2017 !!

With a some shoots happening in December, and a couple which I had to complete just before the Christmas break, I was busy right up till the big day almost, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Always super-keen to get out there and get working! I was in Aberdeen and Glasgow for those sessions, and for different clients, and in between the traffic, the Christmas shopping panic, and the weather, they made for busy sessions to be sure, but fun none-the-less...and thats the main thing I've learned this past 2016.. Love what you do!

Some changes to report for the site now.. Starting with a couple of gallery updates, which you may have noticed. Some combining of sections, and also some changes to content. These are just part of continuous efforts to spring-clean the site, keep it fresh, interesting and easy to navigate for everyone !

So, the BIG news is that coming (very) soon ........the new online 'STORE' area will be up and running and open to browse !!! Finally!

This section will contain images from my Landscape collection (and possibly some others as well from time to time) and these images will be available for you to purchase in a variety of sizes and in 3 different formats:

  • There will be the traditional 'Prints', limited in edition, on gallery quality paper, numbered and signed;
  • there is also the option to have the images presented on ready-to-hang framed 'Canvas'
  • and also on sleek, ultra-thin 'Aluminium' sheet, also ready-to-hang !

All the information will be on the info page of the 'Store' section, so be sure to check it out!

It had been my plan to have this area open prior to Christmas time, but other work and commitments meant that I was unable to get it set-up and configured in time... but it's almost here now!!

I've just got a couple of last-minute tweaks and checks to make on the commerce side of things, then it will be going live, so look-out for the update on that !

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you visiting soon !