January 15th.. News and thoughts..

So, here I am... 

....sat down, laid-up, immobile for the last week basically... having to reschedule projects and generally feeling crap, since a little bit of greasy rock ruined my last weekend! My leg is feeling a lot better than last week already for sure, but still nowhere near 90%, so more of the same to follow I'm afraid.

It's a shame, as the last week had some nice weather (for photographs) and I would have loved to have been out and about - I had plans in my head, and had been inspired recently to get out early and/or late more often and travel a bit further afield in search of some new locations for my Landscape photography! Still, all good things to those who...blah blah.. (I'm not good at waiting!).

'I love doing the commercial shoots, and the architectural side of my work, it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to do and to do it well for my clients. I also love my Landscape photography - so much, and I think that a youth spent in the outdoors, has helped cultivate this immensely. When I am outside with, or without my camera, the feeling of quiet, calm and space that I get from being outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures, and I'm lucky to have grown-up in a place with such amazing landscapes and locations so close by.'

That being said... Not every time that you get up early, or late, or stay out camping and head out to a location, are you rewarded with an amazing light show and perfect conditions, but then there are always days like that. It's just part of photography... you get up again and go back, again and again if necessary to get the image that you have in your head. Planning your shoots makes a huge difference to the 'luck' you get as well. Checking weather reports, the direction/height of the sun, cloud cover, time of year, they all play a part in your image coming together, and doing your research before you head out will definitely improve your chances of getting the shot you want. I know that some of my recent landscape images have definitely paid off because I have been more particular in my planning before picking up the camera, and I aim for this to continue.

As I said, I have plans, and that includes new things for the website and other social media, so keep watching, thanks!

One thing that this last few days has given me is the chance to think about go over lots of things. I've been through the website and cleaned things up a bit (on the back-end) and made some adjustments to the front-end as well, tidying up text, links and such, and maintaining the security of the site for visitors.

Also, I've been cleaning my camera gear, getting the lenses cleaned, the camera bodies wiped down, sensors cleaned, batteries drained and re-charged, and all that kind of stuff. It's amazing how much sand comes home with you from the beach just on your tripod and bag! Fiddly and time consuming, but still, regular maintenance prevents problems occurring, so all worth it.

Another positive from last weekend though, was I got to wear and use my new walking boots properly and WOW.. are they comfy compared to my older pair! (which were great, but had just gotten too old). A gift for Christmas from my lovely wife, they are made by UK company 'Anatom', and are super nice, comfy, and well made. I can't wait to take them out lots more times hiking and walking!! If you're also looking for a new pair, then I highly recommend checking out their range of gear!

As stated previously, the new 'Store' is up and running here on the site, with a 10% discount offer on first orders! (Use code: 'NHP1701' at checkout). A couple of changes there to images this week, and as mentioned before a new section: 'Special Items' has appeared. Be sure to have a look!

Thanks for reading, and for checking out my website, and don't forget that I'm also on Facebook and Instagram - Links are at the bottom of the page!