January update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on what's been happening recently with work and some other things...

First, I was down in Glasgow again just after New Year, for a client commissioned shoot which, I'm pleased to say, went really well. Although I can't divulge the details, it involved some interior and exterior photography. Great fun, but no BTS shots I'm afraid.

Secondly, as you may have seen, the 'Store' is now open here on the website. Just the other day, I added another page to it as well: "Special Items": 

This page will contain items that are not part of the normally available prints/canvasses/aluminiums. At present there is one item available, an already framed print of my 'January Storm' image, shown in the image here:

Click the link here to go to the 'Special Items' page

Lastly, I was away at St. Andrews last weekend, and unfortunately, while I was out early in the morning trying to get some landscape shots down by the coast, I had an accident, slipped and injured my knee. The perils of photography.... Anyway, no big details, but hopefully I'll be up and about properly again, sooner rather than later!!

Thanks for reading.