July '17 - Gallery Show News and aftermath..

Hi there,

Well, it's been a pretty busy last few weeks here !!

IMG_3541 2.JPG

As you may have seen, I recently held my first Gallery exhibition, with a selection of my Landscape images on display (and available) !

Using a small studio space generously provided by 'Curated Stories' of Claremont Place, Aberdeen, the plan was set to open for a few days and display a mixture of my colour and black & white landscape imagery. With much to organise the preparation started several weeks ago !



Firstly, I had to select the images I was going to display, then decide in what format and size I was going to show them. Once I had picked a suitable image size for the space which would allow me to display the images to the best effect, without crowding the walls and making the place feel jumbled I had to decide on what style of framing and display to use.

More preparation!

More preparation!

Fortunately, I already knew that I was going to use Hahnemühle fine art photo-rag paper for all the prints, which works really beatifully for the black & white images as well as the colour ones and is a true fine-art quality paper.

With that settled then it was onto the frames and where to get the required number, style and quality that I needed. This was sorted by a very helpful company who were able to provide the number I needed very promptly and accurately. Receiving the prints, and then the frames, left me with time to do the preparation of the pieces, and then the final signing and assembly of the images to their frames, making them ready for hanging etc.

With opening day (30th June) fast approaching, everything was aimed towards getting ready as much as possible. When we got the keys for the studio, we were there straight away to get things moved, arranged, put away, so that we had the space to be able to work on hanging the framed images. After marketing the event online, on social media and with post-cards advertising the even dropped in at various cafe's, restaurants, shops and hotels locally, we were hopefully of a good turn-out and although the weather was not great on the first day, we ended up having a good number of interested visitors over the long weekend. With coffee, tea, and champagne available most were happy to come in, browse the images, and chat for a while which was lovely and very enjoyable.

Over the weekend the flow of people was fairly constant, with some coming ion having seen the cards in other places, and some coming from the Curated Stories shop up the road. It's a great little area, with some good small, local businesses and exactly the kind of streets, stores and cafes that are nice walk around at a weekend. (Much nicer than a shopping centre in my opinion!). 

When Sunday came to a close, and we had some last minute visitors, followed by some family, to have celebrate the show with it was perfect!

On the Monday, it was time to return and start taking things down, and returning the studio to its original state ready for the next event. 

So, with some good sales made, great feedback, and plenty of interest generated, it was a great weekend and well worth doing (and doing again!).

The opportunity to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on some of my art was very exciting and nerve-wracking too, but it was all good and positive, with a couple of my images being the obvious favourites of the show!

If you didn't make it along to the studio, don't worry, all the images are available to view here on the website under the Print Store heading. Hopefully I will be able to hold another event in the near future and be able to welcome more of you to see some of my images.

I would just like to say:

A BIG 'Thank You' to all the people that came along and visited us at the gallery!

Wrapping a print for delivery!

Wrapping a print for delivery!

Thank you to all the people that liked the images so much!

Thank you to Tytti & Ollie at Curated Stories for their help and support!!

And thank you to my wonderful wife, Toki, for all her help and hard work to make the show a success! X