Just updated my 'Homify' website profile

'Homify' is a European online magazine about architecture, interior design and innovative furniture. It is dedicated to all things design & style, for both homeowners and commercial businesses, looking for ideas and inspiration for developments and renovations.

Similar to the 'Houzz' website which started in the U.S., but importantly expanded to include commercial and business properties, not just residential properties, it was launched in Europe quite recently.

Whilst I still actively maintain my 'www.houzz.co.uk' profile and enjoy using that site very much, I thought it was time I finished getting my profile tidied up on 'Homify', seeing as it is growing in popularity and recognition, especially in & around Europe, and also as one of my most recent clients was a company based out of France!

It is interesting to compare and contrast the two websites, whilst using them, and although they are similar, there are both fun and entertaining to use and to browse through the articles and images.

Use the links above to visit the sites for yourself and have a look around, or the click the badges which are located on the 'Blog' page and 'About' pages of my website.

Below are links to my profile pages on both sites also:



Thanks, N.