Landscapes and Updates..


So, if you follow my Instagram account, you might have seen some of this hinted at recently...

I have been out a few times recently 'landscaping', which has been a nice change from the commercial side of my work, [and something I should force myself to do more often !! Hint: 2017 resolution! ;-)  ].

So, I've been to some different locations, and at the end of it, have come away with some pretty good new landscape style images, which I'm super pleased about! From being in Glen Clova hiking around; the hills around Royal Deeside; Loch Lomond, and up and down the coast, I've explored some new places, and re-visited some others. Being out ready to shoot at sunrise is great. It gives you a new sense of the location you are in, seeing it in that very special first light of the day. Also, it presents its own challenges, not least getting up early in the morning - although at this time of year here, the sunrise is at a much more sensible time of the day compared to summertime! - but also things like finding your way safely to your chosen location in the dark, using torches etc if needed. Can't wait to go camping overnight in locations next year! 

One of the best things about this is that I've been able to get plenty of use and practice with my new Formatt-Hitech filter kit, and I have to say, I'm really happy with the results: the colour casting is negligible; the clarity and sharpness is also excellent, and the speed of mounting and un-mounting the kit is great. As well as this, it's been a great chance to test out and use my new wide-angle lens which I'm really pleased with; and also put some shots through the amazingly good 24mm PC-E lens I got a little while back.

So, before I put some of the new images up in the gallery I thought I'll pop some small ones in here to give a taster !


So, a few images there to wet your appetite, and more to follow shortly into the main gallery.

Plus, don't forget that a few of my landscape images are also available locally at the moment in-store at Curated Stories, 54 Claremont St, Aberdeen AB10 6RA (as well as all of the other outrageously cool stuff they have there!) - Pop in and have a look!


Available now...  I have one more example of the 'January Storm' image (right) which was featured in a previous blog-post. This amazing image is available beautifully presented in a hand-made frame, printed on gallery quality Ilford B/W paper, and ready-to-hang; it will make a stand out impression in any space.

Contact me for details!

Thanks for reading, more soon.