March '17 update..


So, into March 2017 already, and the year shows no signs of slowing down !

What's been happening since the last post ? Well.. My leg continues to improve - my mobility and range of movement are getting back to normal, and the strength building exercises continue! I'm also getting some excellent care and guidance from the Physiotherapists at the Wallace Practice in Aberdeen who are helping with my recovery. Thanks to them !

I'm still hacked off inside though, and cannot help thinking about all the opportunities missed and little trips that I wanted to take from January to now that I have not been able to do because of one silly little slip on some rocks ! Grrrrrr....... :-(

I have been out working with the camera though, and some different projects in the last few weeks have kept things varied and interesting (as usual!).

One of the projects which was a little different was doing some 'event photography' - This was to take photographs of the attendees and setting of a celebration dinner function held at the lovely Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen. This type of photography is not new to me, and something that I've done a few times before, so it did not take me long to get into the swing of photographing people again, and not just property or objects. The evening was a success and the images well received, which is the hoped for result of course!

Again with some people photography, I was also contracted to shoot some environmental portraits of some persons who would be appearing in a newspaper article/supplement feature. This was to be at their place of work, and show the principal in a small variety of situations, both alone and interacting with other people. This was a fast paced shoot, as their available time was limited, so I was working to a clock. The shoot finished nicely on-time though, and of the resulting images, once the editing and processing was completed, some favourites were chosen for use... Success!

Unfortunately I'm not at liberty to share any of the above images at the moment, but maybe in the near future!

I have also been back to shooting my more usual property and interior images on a couple of shoots. One of these was back at a previously visited location, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary - where I was recording and documenting more completed work for a client and their portfolio. This shoot was most enjoyable as the areas being photographed were very fresh and tidy, and looking sharp!

Some examples are below:

So, with some other new projects coming up, and the weather continuing to improve (fingers crossed) as we move into Spring, things are shaping up nicely. I'm planning to make some new Landscape photography trips again soon, when my leg is just a little bit stronger etc and am researching locations and weather to try to ensure the best results.

The Online Store here is also doing well, and the initial opening offer for a discount (which ran up until 28th Feb) was a bonus for interested people. (More offers coming soon though!)

Make sure you click on the link above and check out some of the products available!

Thanks for reading, and look out for the next update.