Recent commercial shoot..

Recently, one of my clients requested that I visit an active building site near the airport at Dyce, in Aberdeen and record some of the work going on there for their marketing and promotional materials.

The site is a for a soon-to-be constructed hotel development that is underway, and is taking place in a newly formed business park area adjacent to the airport. The unique thing about this build is the way that the hotel is being built... assembled would be a better word.. as it is being put together using pre-fabricated modular units contained within what look like shipping containers!

Lifting a unit from its transporter.


Lowering into position.

These are delivered from their manufacturing point by truck, and then hoisted by crane into position and secured. This creates a building block effect, and it was striking how quickly sections were able to be moved into position and added to the building. External finishes obviously still have to be applied etc, and services connected up, but with the rooms largely finished on the inside already, the build time must be severely shortened from a more traditional steel frame construction. It will be fascinating to see the finished building once it is completed later this year, having seen the process so far.

The photographs taken represent the work going on at the site, and document the delivery, positioning and installation of the units to their final positions. Thankfully it was a beautiful morning as you can see, and the rain that had been falling the day previously kept away, allowing for some great images of the work being carried out.