November '17 Blog update

It's November 2017..

September was the last blog update, and since then there has been quite a bit going on: new work, new clients, big projects, and new types of photography being tried out!

So where to start...

Soon after the start of October I was approached to undertake some photography at a residential care-home here in Aberdeen, on behalf of the parent company, to show off the premises and facilities after it had just had an extensive refurbishment. The west-end location was easy, so the only things to arrange were a suitable date to coordinate with the location manager & the interior design people from the company who would be in attendance as well during the shoot, and ....get the weather to fit in with my plan - not easy to ensure when having to book it in 3 weeks ahead !

Once this was done and the date set, it was just a question of reviewing the specs for the shoot, and making up a shot-list which would give me the clients requested images in the most efficient manner, and keeping fingers crossed for the weather to be decent !

As it turned out, it was a nice day as per forecast, and the shoot went very well, with management, staff and residents being super helpful and accommodating while I was there.

Here are a couple of images from that days shoot:

A few days after this, I was asked to head down into Perthshire, to photograph a series of new ceiling installations at a new Primary School on behalf of Knauf AMF. This had to be arranged around the normal school hours, and so that we had the most access with the least amount of children and staff around. A short 2 hour period was selected after the normal day, and before the regular closing time of the premises. While convenient for the school, it meant that there were quite a few shots to get in a relatively short period of time!

After arriving in the afternoon, with my contacts help we made a plan around the school, and set to work visiting the areas where I needed to photograph. We managed to accomplish the shoot just within our timeframe, and I even had some time to take a few twilight/evening shots of the school buildings etc before the light dropped completely.

This was a really interesting shoot, and with some more projects coming up I'm pleased to say one that will be emulated at other locations for the client.

Here are some images from the shoot:

Photographing student accommodation is something that I've done several times now, but it's always refreshing and interesting to see the next location and see the design features included these days into this sort of property.

Recently, I photographed a newly built property in Aberdeen city centre for the architects involved in the project. Along at Causewayend, Fraser Studios is a modern and stylish take on student accommodation, offering 'prestige' student living. The location suits both universities in Aberdeen, and is convenient for the city centre as well.

The requirements on the shoot included both exterior and interior photography and also some twilight shots showing the exteriors. The property was semi-occupied at the time, and so, for the internal shots I needed to balance between having people in the frame, and making sure they were not readily identifiable so as not to infringe anyones privacy. This was a shoot that was carried out over a couple of separate visits due to weather issues, but nevertheless was very successful.

Here are a few images from this shoot:

In a departure from the usual architectural imagery, I was asked to take some photographs of my brother-in-law and his fiancé ahead of the birth of their baby!! Exciting... and scary !

However, selecting a location and fixing the weather for a nice afternoon, we (me, my wife/assistant/mua, and the happy couple) headed out to Crathes Castle grounds one sunny Tuesday afternoon. After exploring some of the trails for a little while, we found a couple of great locations which were going to give us the shots that we were looking for. Having researched ahead of time for styles of images that they liked and would like to do, this made selecting outfits, locations and poses much easier (note for future!) 

We got shooting and having a couple of lights + soft boxes with me, only 2 lenses and thats it we were able to pick up and move nice and easily in the forest.

After a fun couple of hours we had some images that we were all happy with, and then it was back to the car and a celebratory visit to McDonalds before home where I contemplated the editing ahead.

Here's a peek at a couple of the images from that afternoon:


These photo-shoots above are only a small part of the work I've been doing recently and I'm going to be sharing more info and images from some other exciting projects I've been working on soon!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick re-cap and chance to see some of the images created. More to follow soon!