Playing with film..

Recently, I was going through some of my old stuff at my parents house, and came across an old film camera. In fact, it was THE camera, the first 35mm film camera that I used !

An old Olympus OM20 from circa 1983, still in its leather case, with the 50mm lens attached. In wonderful condition thankfully - mainly because the leather case seems to have taken the weathering of the years instead of the camera body. There are a couple of other lenses somewhere, of that I'm sure, and I know I'll find them somewhere too.

So, after a bit of cleaning, and some new batteries installed, some decent 35mm film purchased, I switched it on and started trying to remember the operation of it. Using the rangefinder system and manual focusing, and aperture control is taking a bit of getting used to.... and I must admit, the first time I clicked the shutter button, I automatically looked at the back of the camera for a picture on a screen... Oops !!!!

It certainly makes you think much more about 'what' it is that you're shooting and 'how' you are shooting it than with a digital camera, and it reminded me of when I was younger and the slightly different approach to taking an image then compared to now.

The film I bought was a couple of rolls of nice Ilford black & white film, and some Fuji Velvia colour film, and I'm looking forward with that nervous anticipation to having the rolls developed once I've shot the exposures. I'm going to try for a mix of shots; maybe some landscapes, some people and perhaps some street style photographs.

It will be fun to have them developed and see the end results, and I'll post further on the results and images.