Recent commercial property project..


One of my clients recently asked me to undertake a series of photo's for them which will track the progress of a current, large, underway, construction/renovation project.

Taking place at Aberdeen's Royal Infirmary, the Phase II works, are more than an aesthetic refurbishment. They include a deep strip-back of existing building fabric, and replacement and updating of fire barriers, removal of asbestos, and an overhaul of electrical and ducting systems, before a new updated finish is installed.

The images attached to this post show some of the areas prior to being stripped back, and also some areas in a different section which have been recently completed and handed over to the hospital again. Due to the constant working nature of areas like these, the work must be done in sections to allow for functions and services to be moved to another space while the work is underway, so as not to disrupt or inhibit the capacity of the hospital etc.

Old ward rooms being prepped for stripping back.

Nurses station prior to decommissioning and strip-back.

This process is a long-term one, but will bring the affected areas 'up-to-code' for the foreseeable future, until funds, timing and space can be allocated for a new purpose built facility to replace the existing building.

Showing stripped back ceiling, giving access to roofing and ducting.

The images you see here were taken in what are challenging conditions, with some areas, requiring protective gear, and other areas being 'live' with staff and patients moving around. Confidentiality was a priority of mine, and I was very careful not to take pictures where not appropriate or without permission from staff - indeed I also had a chaperone for much of the time I was on-site so that I was able to access areas correctly.

New clinic reception area.

Clinic treatment rooms.

New Doctors 'rec-room'.

Taking images in some of the areas, which were stripped of lighting and power was difficult, but doable, but one of the hardest things was working my way around the areas, which were split by several floors and corridors in an effective and timeous manner - coordinating to when certain spaces were clear, and available to shoot without people being inconvenienced etc.

With the help of the staff and also my guide however, we were able to achieve this in roughly the time allocated, which was pleasing, if a bit tiring!

More to follow from this project over the next few weeks.

Thanks for looking.