Recent work, news and updates..

Hi there,

With a busy couple of weeks behind me now, I thought I'd do a quick update on what's been going on:

I have been quite busy in and around the Glasgow area, with some great projects for new clients, which I hinted at previously, and I was then requested to undertake further jobs, and potentially some more going forwards, which is great news.

Also, more locally around Aberdeen, I've had some shoots taking place for some other new clients, which has included some commercial work and also at some residential property.

The residential shoot was at a private property, but for a commercial client, to show and detail a new type of cladding product that has been used here for only the first or second time in Scotland. The cladding manufacturers are 'Trespa International' and they are a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, known internationally as a premier developer of high quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative façades, and scientific solutions. (Example images coming soon).

One of the other more interesting commercial projects recently, has been at the newly completed Baldarroch Crematorium, at Crathes, just outside Aberdeen. Now, a crematorium is not your normal project location to be sure, but the new, modern design and layout of this facility has already won an award for its architects; 'WCP Architects' of Aberdeen.

Obviously, being on-site at a place like this is more time-sensitive than your regular office or apartment building. Liaising with the manager to make sure that I could visit when there was no services etc was top priority so as to make sure everyones privacy was kept, and then also to ensure that I could visit when the weather and the light was most appropriate and suited to showing the property. On a lovely early morning, with sunlight peeking through the trees, I was there, enjoying this special location as well as the actual photographic of the property. (Example images coming soon).

In other exciting  news... There should be some new equipment to report on shortly! Some items and updates that I have been waiting on getting for a while, and which will only expand and improve the service and quality that I can offer to my clients going forwards!

More info to come soon!

This last weekend, I visited the Scottish Home Show which was being held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC). As a visitor from previous years, I was interested to see what updates and new products might be on display. The event seemed to be very well attended over the three days, and was pretty busy on the Saturday that I visited. However, I would say that it seemed slightly smaller than last year (2015) and if anything, a little less polished, and there were definitely some of the larger stands/exhibitors that were absent from the previous year as well. The car-park charge now in operation at the AECC combined with the entry price made it quite an expensive show to visit in my opinion. With this in mind though, it was still enjoyable to wander around the stands as there were were some interesting products on display and for sale.

Did any of you attend as well ?

That's it for this quick update I think.. More to follow soon!