Goings on, and news..


Over the last few weeks I've been busy with several projects for a few different clients, which has been interesting and varied.

New projects are always fun, and one of the reasons that I love doing architectural and commercial photography.... you get to go and shoot different things regularly!

Some of the projects have been the subject of recent blog posts that you may have seen, but others not. A couple of these were very interesting, and also for new clients, but as per the terms of the non-disclosure agreements involved I am not allowed to discuss or post images from the jobs (unfortunately), but thats how things go sometimes.

Working with new agencies & clients is great, and always a pleasure to provide the images that are requested! 

Also, I've had another coupe of print sales, and another customer of mine - the truly excellent 'Curated Stories' boutique shop on Claremont Street/Chattan Place, Aberdeen, have just taken delivery of two more of my 'limited-edition' landscape prints, shown here:

'Forth Rail Bridge' by N Hastie Photography

'Forth Rail Bridge' by N Hastie Photography

'Glenshee' by N Hastie Photography

'Glenshee' by N Hastie Photography

Both of these 'limited-edition' prints will be available shortly from the shop, once they have been framed, so head on down and check them out, as well as all the other goodies available there.

Recently, I've started making an effort to get my Instagram profile working a bit hard for me, and connecting with other pro's and business in the field. This is going well so far, and I've discovered a few great feeds, and sources of inspiration as well as potential contacts. It's hard to know what to post sometimes, and resisting the temptation to post anything and everything is sometimes difficult, but I want to keep my posts there relevant to my work, and not let it get cluttered up with just any random stuff.... will see how I manage though!

If you haven't seen my feed yet, my Instagram id is: @nhastiephoto - or just click on the Instagram logo on the bottom of my website pages!

With the Olympics under way now, it's fascinating to see the photographers there hard at work capturing thousands and thousands of images daily and having them uploaded to publications and newswires around the work often within minutes. One feature I read said that the one agencies photographers had images transferred from camera, selected, edited and uploaded to the agency within 120 seconds of being taken !! Obviously this is not being done all by the photographer, but uploaded by wi-fi from the camera to another location, where a team of editors await the images and select, process and send the chosen pictures as quickly as possible. Quite a logistical feat, and very tech-based.

The impressive amount of camera gear on show there is also causing quite a bit of 'gear-envy' in my household when on the TV. Stories have been going round of the £6,000,000 worth of cameras, lenses, and equipment that Canon has taken to the Olympics for their photographers to use !

Incredible ! One can only assume that Nikon have a similar amount of equipment there for their photographers use, although Cannon appear to have more equipment in place around the venues. This room would certainly be nice for a visit... (with perhaps a shopping trolley, and 60 seconds) !!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympic Games anyway - I'm particularly looking forward to the athletics getting underway !

Thanks for reading,