Kind words from a local designer store..


I need to say a big thank you to Tytti at the fantastic 'Curated Stories' shop, Aberdeen, for her lovely words about me and my work in her latest newsletter.

See the link below:



Winter Weather arrives..

Writing this post from my car...(parked of course!)

So, finally after the rest of the country receiving snow, it's finally arrived in Aberdeen! 

I was heading out with my camera for a bit as the clouds were moving nicely earlier, but quickly turned dark and then.. Snow! 

Great stuff ....But be safe if you're out and about in this weather!



Slight tweak on the website.

You may have noticed a bit of a re-design on the website again...

This was down to me trying to find a new look, as while the previous layout was fine, it was a bit too similar to my original page, and didn't 'jump out' enough I felt. I much prefer the full screen look of this version, and I hope that visitors here do as well !