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I need to say a big thank you to Tytti at the fantastic 'Curated Stories' shop, Aberdeen, for her lovely words about me and my work in her latest newsletter.

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Stormy weather in January 2016

Welcome to 2016! 

Despite the weather being horrendous recently, and as you will have seen, causing serious problems for lots of people all over the country, it does give some opportunities for dramatic photography.

I took some time yesterday, wrapped up warm against the rain and wind, and went down to the coast and harbour area here in Aberdeen to see what the conditions were like.... Pretty terrible was the answer!

With strong winds and rain, huge swells and waves crashing onto the rocks, I decided that the minimum of gear was best, so as not to be weighed down too much.

Excuse the iPhone shot.. I was trying to stay upright!  

Excuse the iPhone shot.. I was trying to stay upright!  

As always, safety was first, and making sure that you're not standing in a dangerous place (as some people were!), especially when everything is soaking and slippery, and the wind was so strong.

In the end, I spent around 30-45 mins outside there, and despite the difficult conditions, I came away with a couple of nice images (which will appear here soon) that display the size of the waves and the force of the storm.


Saturday - Loch Kinord photography

It was a bright, crisp and clear day yesterday, and I took a trip out to Loch Kinord, by Dinnet, to check out the scenery.

As it happens it was a bit more than 'crisp' by the loch. It was almost completely frozen over, with ice thick enough to stand on in places! This put paid to my plans for the photographs I had in mind unfortunately, but I walked the loop round the loch, enjoyed the scenery and did take a few other shots.

There was very little movement in the air, with no clouds overhead, except over the mountains further away occasionally diffusing the sun as it set. I was there to catch 'golden hour' - the time just before and after sunset (Or sunrise)  when the light can be at its best - though with the thick clouds on the mountains and their height there was only brief moments before the sun dipped fully. I suppose you can't get the weather you want all the time!

Have a good weekend!


Frozen Loch Kinord.   Taken with iPhone.

Frozen Loch Kinord.

Taken with iPhone.