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I need to say a big thank you to Tytti at the fantastic 'Curated Stories' shop, Aberdeen, for her lovely words about me and my work in her latest newsletter.

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Saturday - Loch Kinord photography

It was a bright, crisp and clear day yesterday, and I took a trip out to Loch Kinord, by Dinnet, to check out the scenery.

As it happens it was a bit more than 'crisp' by the loch. It was almost completely frozen over, with ice thick enough to stand on in places! This put paid to my plans for the photographs I had in mind unfortunately, but I walked the loop round the loch, enjoyed the scenery and did take a few other shots.

There was very little movement in the air, with no clouds overhead, except over the mountains further away occasionally diffusing the sun as it set. I was there to catch 'golden hour' - the time just before and after sunset (Or sunrise)  when the light can be at its best - though with the thick clouds on the mountains and their height there was only brief moments before the sun dipped fully. I suppose you can't get the weather you want all the time!

Have a good weekend!


Frozen Loch Kinord.   Taken with iPhone.

Frozen Loch Kinord.

Taken with iPhone.

Saturday Hike


Yesterday, I decided to grab my hiking boots, walking gear, and my camera equipment in my Kata backpack and make for the countryside.

I headed for the hill of 'Bennachie' , just north of Aberdeen, past Inverurie. I arrived at the Back o' Bennachie car park, and checking out the overcast sky, got ready and started off up the path to the 'Mither Tap & Quarry trail'. It's a decent walk, only around 9-10km there & back, but it is pretty steep nearly all of the way, good walking shoes/boots are recommended!

Walking through the lovely wood at the base of the hill, before emerging onto the moorland I saw the other two shorter trails at the location. At a steady pace I climbed up and reached the 'Oxen Craig' peak, which is the highest of the three, at 529m. It was somewhat more windy at the granite peak than below so, shelter in the rocks was found, and a sandwich eaten!

I took some pictures from here of the view across Donside, and over the 'Mither Tap' (518m) peak nearby before walking over the ridge to that peak. Then, I headed back across towards 'Oxen Craig'  and back down the trail to the wood, diverting to join onto another short trail for a different route to the car-park.

All in all a good hike and a nice afternoon out! The weather held and even sunshine eventually broke through later in the day, but unfortunately after I'd left the peaks.

Think I should have a couple of good pictures to show for my exertions, which I'll post if I like them!

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for info on trails! 


Additional place to view my images

You may notice the new little '500px' icon up in the top right of the website ?

Clicking this link will take you over to my new 500px account page where I am displaying some of the images from the  'Personal' section here on the website. At the moment it is displaying my landscape images.

500px gives the chance for increasing the visibility of my images to a wider audience, and to receive feedback and comments from other photographers and artists.

Another benefit is the 'Store' where visitors to the site can purchase framed prints, canvases, and acrylics directly, in a variety of sizes and finishes, and have them delivered straight to their door !

Check it out and see what you think.