Stormy weather in January 2016

Welcome to 2016! 

Despite the weather being horrendous recently, and as you will have seen, causing serious problems for lots of people all over the country, it does give some opportunities for dramatic photography.

I took some time yesterday, wrapped up warm against the rain and wind, and went down to the coast and harbour area here in Aberdeen to see what the conditions were like.... Pretty terrible was the answer!

With strong winds and rain, huge swells and waves crashing onto the rocks, I decided that the minimum of gear was best, so as not to be weighed down too much.

Excuse the iPhone shot.. I was trying to stay upright!  

Excuse the iPhone shot.. I was trying to stay upright!  

As always, safety was first, and making sure that you're not standing in a dangerous place (as some people were!), especially when everything is soaking and slippery, and the wind was so strong.

In the end, I spent around 30-45 mins outside there, and despite the difficult conditions, I came away with a couple of nice images (which will appear here soon) that display the size of the waves and the force of the storm.


Coastal Sunset

I was out shooting some coastal seascapes yesterday evening, catching the sunset, after a nice sunny day here in the north-east.

Ventured just a little bit south of Stonehaven, and set up in the location I'd scouted on Google Earth, ahead of the hour prior to sunset so I could catch the best of the light. There are some great cliffs and rock formations along the coast here, some are just a little more tricky than others to get to.

Here's a little iPhone pic showing my camera set-up in place for a shot. It's busy taking a long exposure shot so I had around 120 seconds to relax (and try to not slip on the rocks and fall in the sea), in between pressing the shutter and seeing the result !

There wasn't too much spray from the waves, which was lucky, but still had to wipe down the lens and filters a few times. (Yay for Nikon weather sealing !)

As usual the D800 was great to use, with super clean images coming back and lots of dynamic range to play with in the RAW files.

Quite probably a couple of new images to come to the website from this outing soon!


Stormy Weather in Aberdeen

So, I headed out in the wind and rain the other day to see what the sea was doing down by the harbour and cliffs at Aberdeen... 

I was not disappointed! The weather was dramatic to say the least with huge waves crashing over the breakwaters, making for great photo's albeit in difficult conditions! I was not alone either and there must have been at least 6 other photographers down there with the same idea!!

I've got a couple to upload to my 'Outdoors' section now, so look for them there!