Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet: Some thoughts..

Back in July of 2014 I decided to get a graphics tablet to help me expand and improve my photo editing techniques and abilities. After a lot of reading and detail checking online, I purchased the Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, from WEX Photographic.


From Wacom:

The Intuos Pro Professional allows you to sketch and doodle, edit photos and design personal cards – all on your computer, and always just as naturally as you would do with a pen or brush on paper. The Creative Pen enables artists to control editing tools like dodge, burn, paint, select and draw down to a pixel level that you could never achieve with a mouse. The Creative Stylus Pen (included) is a unique pressure-sensitive pen tip with 2048 levels of pressure, tilt recognition, multi-touch and offers a realistic pen-on-paper feel.

Having used the tablet now for some months, I can really say that it has changed the way I edit my photo's completely.

The main benefit is the greater level of accuracy that is available when editing: making selections using the pen tool for example, is waaaaayyy easier; dodging and burning is much more intuitive and natural; painting in adjustments on layers & masks, and editing blemishes and marks is very straightforward.

I like how the pen makes you feel more connected to the image, by the action of drawing and pressing on the tablet replicating as if you were drawing on paper.

By making the process of editing and adjusting more accurate, this in turn can speed up your workflow, as I have found. You spend less time going over one bit trying to get it right, deleting/undoing and then trying again, than before, thus spending less time on corrections in total. The feel from the Pen with the changeable nibs to simulate different types of brush or pen on the tablet is great, and begins to feel very natural.

With software that detects what editing programme you're using and adjusts itself to suit, whether you're using a Mac or PC, the ability to use the excellent wireless mode or leave it connected the Wacom has re-invigorated my editing and allowed me to attempt techniques and processes that would have been much tougher to get right with using just a track-pad or mouse.

If you are serious about your editing and having control over the fine details of your images then a tablet like this will help you push on your work for sure.



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